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Grow your project into a sustainable and monetizable product with a flourishing community. Providing you the knowledge from our experiences with some of the most known open source projects.


Kubernetes and cloud based architecture expertise for your infrastructure. Enabling a faster, more resilient and automated base for your project.

Blockchain Advisory

Pushing your vision forward with our expertise in Bitcoin and Blockchain technology since 2011.


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Michael Grosser

Chief Everything Officer
Lives in Munich, Germany
Kubernetes specialized infrastructure strategy
Risk management using open standards/open source
Open Source maintainer and contributor
Including Kubernetes, CoreDNS and git-sync

Passionate about open source, technology and distributed working. Tinkering with new ideas, solutions and improving myself. Working on backend infrastructure solutions with a focus on Kubernetes.

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Open Position
Lives in any location - Remote work possible
Open Source Projects
Open Source Community
Global Kubernetes infrastructure/clients

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